"Wow I am truly amazed at how fast my first ever Havening healing session with Penny healed me. I had been carrying old trauma within my body & consciousness for many years. Which meant I was living in fear & anxiety, it had been effecting how I lived my life. Now after one session I feel I am free & I will be able to live a life with less fear. Which has opened up so many possibilities for me. Thank you Penny!"

- Hamilton, NZ.

“The birth of my son was extremely traumatic. The following weeks and then months I struggled to process it all and found myself in a constantly overwhelmed and anxious state. I felt as If I would need many therapy sessions to unpack my experience and help me move forward. I went into my Havening therapy session with no expectations and came out truly amazed by the result. I could look back at the initial trauma and feel that everything was okay and that most importantly I was going to be okay. I highly recommend this therapy to everyone, there is nothing to lose.”

- Cambridge, NZ.

“Memories that I was fiixated on, were no longer bothering me and I was able to put my day to day life back into perspective again.  It’s hard to explain how it feels, but how I felt after my first session was an incredible feeling of release and relief. Havening is such a gentle therapy technique that I highly recommend.”

Melanie K
- Cambridge, NZ.